Saturday, 9 April 2016

Tarte wishlist

1. Skin twinkle lighting palette 2. Showstopper clay palette 3. Rainforest of the sea eye shadow palette

UGGGH I'm aching to get my hands on a Tarte palette. They are just so damn pretty. The best part about Tarte, and why I'm so interested, is that they are cruelty free and from what I've heard, really good quality. They are cheaper than the Urban decay naked palettes.

I've recently got into high lighting with a palette from sleek, also cruelty free, which I'm loving, how ever they are cream high lighters, and I feel the powder texture of this Tarte one will fit with my oily skin better. In saying that though I'm having no trouble at all with the sleek one, I'm just a sucker for pretty packaged stuff. This Tarte palette is also vegan which is a big bonus.

Next is the show showstopper, which is probably the one I'll go for. Reasons being as it pretty much the perfect palette for me. It has the types of eye shadow colours I wear, if I do wear eyeshadow, the type of blush shade I wear, along with a highlighter and a light coloured bronzer. So its an all in one that's also perfectly packaged. However I don't think this palette is 100% vegan.

Now this Rainforest of the sea palette is so ridiculously pretty I cant stop looking at it. The problem is, that its an exclusive to Sephora, which to buy from in the UK you have to have a credit card, which I don't have ( which is a good thing really).  Its rather annoying though as I think this is the only product from the rainforest of the sea range that's not on the Tarte website. I'm lusting after this so much as these are exactly the type of eye shadow colours I wear, and this palette is also vegan. My cousins off to America in May on holiday so I may have to get her to have a cheeky stop in Sephora to see if she can pick it up for me, but I doubt it will still be on sale then, fingers crossed.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Spell and the gypsy

Source: spelldesigns
Spell designs have been featured on my blog a few times and just make me reminisce about my time in Australia so much, and too this day I still regret not buying the play suit I fell in love with. Their look books are always so beautiful and on point, nail their style aesthetic that always has me practically screaming `just take my money'. I'm loving the blue gypsy witch tank top from the festival 16 collection.
Below are some fashion snaps taken from the spell blog at blues fest. These girls are killing spell pieces, especially this girl in the crochet. Like, who she??? some kind of whimsical elf or nymph that just absolutely nails the 70s festival style vibes.
I'm loving the girl in the tie dye ensemble and the white blouse, leather shorts and boots combo. Definitely more my style when it comes to festivals. Simple and no restrictions when it comes to dancing like a crazy person. 

Free people April collection

Source; Freepeople

WOOOOOOOOW long time no blog. I've been neglecting Kasperalice for a while now, I literally have had no time or just been using instagram or tumblr. So I figured i'd kick start my blog again by posting some lookbooks that just ooze spring/ summer to me and get me wanderlust itching like crazy, which it always is. Im seriously dying for it to be summer and to be sat on a beach. Hopefully I can make this happen this year, a few festivals would be nice too.