Friday, 30 October 2015


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Recently I've been getting into forest green. I tend to wear pretty much just black during the a/w but I want to start injecting some colour into my winter wardrobe. Forest green is still within the dark colour palette I tend to stick too during the colder months but adds that little pop of something extra. I think one of the nicest ways to wear forest green is in the form of knits or as an accessory or shoes. I recently picked up an jumper from Primark in this colour which I love just to throw on with some jeans. I'm also eyeing some forest green shoes. I saw a pair of vans the other that were spot on.
I'm also getting back into polyvore which I haven't used in a few years.



Thursday, 22 October 2015



Absolutely loving these suit looks from the top shop magazine on their website, particularly the pink and blue velvet one.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Lost post

Kimono-, Top- Charity shop, Jeans- Primark, Shoes- Converse, Bag- Next, Sunnies- Storm via tkmaxx

Woooo so this outfit dates back to about 4/5 months when my hair (dye is coming out) matched the fence. I completely forgot I had these pictures as I haven't touched my camera in so long due to the fact that I have been with out a laptop for about 4 months as well. I think I threw this kimono out, why I don't know, as looking back at this outfit I love it. Its of those throw on and go type outfits, and monochrome never fails.

So a little life update. Back in June I moved from the south coast of England where I'm from, all the way to the opposite end to the north west, somewhere around the Liverpool area. After living abroad for 3 years in Canada and Australia and living back with my Mum for 6 months, my feet were getting super itchy again. I decided to come visit my dad and his family up north for a little while for a change of scenery and have been up here ever since. I'm absolutely loving it, which honestly is something I'd never though I'd say about living in the north. I'd not been up this way for about 5 years and had never really spent that much time up here except the odd holiday visiting my gran. After properly getting to know the area I've grown to really like it. Plus being in an area of the country that is completely different to Hampshire helps, its practically like being in a different country, even the way they speak is like a different language, which once you get to use too is actually really charming.
The fact that Liverpool and the area of Merseyside I live in is right next to the sea is a big plus as well. I honestly couldn't live somewhere for a long length of time where I couldn't just pop to the beach or some form of body of water for a walk. Growing up by the coast, water make anywhere feel like home.

Another important life step I've taken is going back to college. Its a thought that's gone round my head many times, should I go to uni, do I really want to go?? Instead of just starting a degree in an area I'm interested in but not entirely sure about and spending 3 years doing it, I'm doing a 1 year level 4 (pretty much the same as year 1 of uni) in fashion buying and merchandising at city of Liverpool college. Its something I've always been curious about. All my educational back ground, A-levels and Pre-degree, is in textiles and art. So super hands on which I love, but I think its important to know some form of business side as well. Fashion buying is a combination of both in a sense. Its still super creative, as you get to create collections and essentially just shop, but you have to think about the customer and budgets etc. The thing I like most is that as a buyer you basically get to decide what people wear in future fashion, I HAVE THE POWER, BOOM !!!.  I'm due to hand in my first project mid week, so I might post some of it up here??

Now the most important update, after several months not having a laptop, using my Iphone 5 for everything and 1 hour sessions at the library, I finally have a laptop again. Hopefully I get this blog going again with better posts.