Saturday, 21 March 2015

The perfect camel


Coat- Charity shop, T- Dotti via charity shopm Jeans- Gap via charity shop, Bag- Next, Shoes- Converse

One thing thats been on my wish list for the longest time is a camel coat, and after seeing mega girl crush Zoe Kravitz rocking head to toe camel I really had to get one. There is always plenty around on the high street but I could never find one that I was 100% about. I wanted a floor length but could I find one that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg? eer definitely not. I went charity shopping with my mum and nan in Chichester and hanging right there as I walked into the door of Oxfam in the vintage section was this absolute beauty. Its a wool and cashmere blend and only cost me, wait for wait for it, £15. There is no way that this is anything close to that in value. I almost didn't get it seeing as its know officially spring. But a camel coat is something that never goes out of style and will keep for years. I actually went out wearing my blue leather jacket but it turned out to be a hell of a lot windier and colder in Chichester so after getting this I did quick changeroo and this became my ootd. Its so comfy and feels so amazing one and is exactly what I had in mind for my perfect camel coat. I kinda want it to stay colder for a bit longer now so that I can wear it more. In all seriousness though, warm weather hurry the f***k up please.


  1. I love your blog! I got here from your YouTube video and the camel coat is gorgeous; keep it up, love