Wednesday, 25 March 2015

New hair

Over the past few years my hair has been in a constant state of flux between short then growing  for months as long as possible (sometimes as long as 6 months) then getting it cut short again which I actually have to do in order to tidy it up and get rid off all the dead ends. Every time I do get it chopped I actually love it shorter but I'm too damn lazy to keep a steady routine of visiting the hair dressers, and I cant justify spending that sum of money for a simple blunt cut and hacking a few inches off. But then as it gets longer I want really long hair. I'm so indecisive. There was a time back in Australia when my Dad was there I turned around and said look Father I need to chop 3 inches off pronto and handed him a pair of kitchen scissors. Props to him he did a very good job. It wasn't until I was scouted to be hair model for a trainee stylist in a very fancy salon that they noticed there was about a 3mm length difference on either side of my hair. Not even noticeable to the average untrained eye. I did the exact same thing to my mum yesterday. I turned around and said Mum I need a hair cut. I thought I'd get a pair of proper hair dressing scissors, although £5 from Wilko they probably are no better than kitchen scissors, my mother also did a very good job at chopping my mop. Its not like I have a proper style that needs lots of maintenance. I may as well save my self some dollar dollar if I can get the job done free and to a good enough standard pour moi right? Cheers Mum and Dad my personal hair stylists.

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