Sunday, 1 February 2015


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One item I've always coveted for my wardrobe is a fur ( obviously fake) leopard print coat. They're just so classic and something I feel never goes out of style along with anything leopard print in general.
I think one of the main reasons I never got one is because I could never find a budget friendly one. I finally found one in a sale the other day for £30 but it was a size 24. I love oversized things but I think I want to get a leopard coat that fits properly.
After finding 4 of my favourite style queens, Nicole Richie, Rihanna, Abbey lee Kershaw and Kate Moss wearing one I am dyyyyiiing to now get my hands on one. Time to really closely observe all my local charity shops. There is currently a long camel coat I am eyeing up in one charity shop, but I think I'd rather hold out for a leopard one. Hmm, or you know, both won't hurt.

Speaking of fur coats I have an old brown on I've had for years that is also from a charity shop that I feel needs to be brought out of hibernation soon.
Picture from a friends photography project circa 2010/11. I don't think my winter fashion has really changed that much. Still religiously wear a beanie, check. Still rocking a snood, check, just black this time round. I also really miss all these rings.

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