Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lancome miracle cushion

I'm not a huge beauty buff but when I come across a product that really interests me I'm likely to try several different ones until I find the perfect one for me.  A lot of beauty trends that I pay attention too are ones that come out of Korea and Japan opposed to western beauty trends. If you didn't know I'm a huge fan of Korean and Japanese culture from fashion, music, art and pretty much everything. Now you all know BB cream, the innovative beauty product that jetset out of Korea to become pretty much a global phenomenon. I'm a huge fan of BB cream and haven't really worn foundation in almost 2 years. I love the simplicity and lightness of BB cream and how it gives a good everyday coverage that's not thick or heavy and doesn't goes all greasy and goopy on my skin after wearing it all day. The newest trend to finally make its way out of Korea and into the west is cushion foundation technology. Its been a huge hit in Korea in recent years providing up to 50spf, skin benefits such as vitamin E, and giving a really nice natural finish. Now I'm dying to try this cushion technology. I've been shopping online for the original Korean ones, such as Iope, Laneige, Tony Moly, The face shop etc. They are really easy to get hold of online but I'm just a bit worried of the colour as the lightest I can find is light beige and I tend to use ivory/ porcelaine colour foundation. That's why I'm so excited that Lancôme have jumped on bored as they have that slightly lighter colour.  On the negative the spf isn't as high as the originals, the Lancôme is only 23, but its easier to get a hold of, will suit my skin tone better an in general they are really easy to carry around and less messy than normal liquid foundation. Now that Lancome have jumped on bored its only going to be a matter of time until more affordable high street brands catch on and we will have cushion foundations coming out of our ears just like BB cream. I can't wait.

Check out the video of one of my favourite youtube shows Kstyle talking about cushion foundation, which is how I originally found out about it.

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