Sunday, 8 February 2015

Heavy duty

Coat- TU, Top- Primark/ Gift, Jeans- Primark, Boots- Shoe zone, Bag- Next
Welcome to the jungle, we take it day by day, if you want it you're going to bleed, but its the price you pay........sorry, guns and roses are one of my favourite bands. I've wanted a T for ever and this was a very lovely xmas present from my brother.
I've been back in the UK 3 weeks now and I finally start work on Tuesday. Yaaaay. Its nothing remotely fancy but it will do till I get some money in the bank. It requires me to wear sturdy footwear so I figured I get a pair of workmen boots. They were really affordable and essentially are the same as Doc Martins. I used to have a pink pair of docs but I had to give up on them as my feet really didn't like them. No matter how thick my socks or how many pairs I wore blood would always be drawn. These guys are really soft and I'm having no problems in them, but just in case I figured I should break them in whilst visiting family today. They are so comfy I think I might have to make them my go to boots, maybe get some low riding super baggy jeans and a tiny crop top?? Try reincarnating that side of 90s fashion, a bit of TLC vibes?? Lets face it, 90s hip hop fashion was pretty special. I'm just a 90s baby through and through. Annnywaaay, I think I might go and watch some stepping videos, try and get my dancing grove back. Its seriously been a while since I've danced *coughcough, ashamed nervous giggle, almost 2 years.

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