Saturday, 7 February 2015

Dark Leopard

Coat- TU at sainsburys, Jumper- River Island, Pants- Charity shop, Boots- Primark, Bag- Next

I did a recent post on leopard print coats and stated how I've wanted one for the longest time. I've been searching my local charity shops regularly and keeping an eye on the high street for one of a reasonable price. I was having zero luck until I wondered into sainsburys with mum and found this on a sale rack for half price. Quite often I find its the places you would least expect that tend to be the shining stars when it comes to one off random pieces that spring into your mind. Initially I obviously wanted your bog standard basic colour leopard print, but I found the black and navy to be really unique and edgier. When it comes to something a lot of people have I like the item to have that something extra that is different about them, and this coat fits just that. I love it paired with my navy high waisted pants and the contrast with the grey jumper. I once had a pink leopard print pair of flats and saw a pink leopard print coat online and ummed at it a little bit. If I came across something like it again I would probably give it a try. Who else would try a bright coloured leopard print coat?

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