Friday, 16 January 2015

Irene Kim - sia 2014

source: tumblr

One of my favourite things to watch on youtube is mnet Americas show K style. Its short 10 minute episodes that delve into korean fashion from street style to designers and where kpop idols like to shop and what they wear. Its hosted by stylist Sarah Kate Watson-Baik and Korean supermodel Irene Kim who is just super lovely and adorable. I've been behind a bit and caught up the other day. They did an episode at SIA where Irene was presenting an award with Min from girl group Miss A .The Korean SIA ( style icon awards) were back in october but I'm so in love with what Irene wore. Chanel pre-fall 2014 worn with sneakers. This is something Irene does well, combining girly with laid back street vibes. Like me she is also a big lover of the beanie. I've been meaning to do a style love post on Irene for a while which I will get round to eventually.

On a side note, im currently sat in the premire lounge at Jakarta airport. My flight is delayed by nearly 5 hours so Etihad was very kind to give everyone access to the lounge. I feel so out of place with everyone who are obviously regulars in these things. The best bit, there is food which is completely freeeeeeee. I cant stop eating.

I also get to get my beloved beanie out of retiremt soon. Yaaaaaay.

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