Thursday, 25 December 2014

pink hair dont care


Soooooo I now have pink hair. Yayayayayayaya. I've always wanted pink hair. I tried it once when was about 12 on holiday. I got dye for my birthday and only did the front, but I loved it, especially how it looked when swimming. I felt like a full on mermaid.

Ever since the ombre and dip dye trend crash landed I've always wanted to try it but was always hesitant incase it didn't look right, my hair fell out etc etc.  This Schwarzkopf live colour was on special for $3 so i thought f**k it, I'll give it a go.
Your supposed to dye your hair blonde to get the neon bright pink, but i really did not want to bleach my hair, so just applied straight to the o natural ginger. I left it on for 30 minutes and really wasn't expecting it to come out aswell as it did. I'm so impressed with the formula and the final result. If like me you're hesitant to try dip dye or all over coloured hair,  but really want to give it, I highly recommend this product. Its easy to use and lasts up to 8 washes. I'm pretty sure there's blue which I might have to try once the pink is washed out.

Thats another thing I was affraid of. That I would like it too much and get sucked into a hair dye addiction. Oh well. We shall just have to see how it goes, you know, you only live once and all that jazz.

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