Wednesday, 3 December 2014

getting back into nail art

I've always been obsessed with painting my nails to the point where I couldn't stand the sight of my nails being bare. I used to be really into nail art but over the past year or so I've just been sticking with a solid colour or, OMG, bare nails. This is partly being due to the fact that my nails needed a serious break. They became super weak and brittle and a pretty funky dingy yellow colour from constantly layering up on ethyl and butyl acetate and all the other chemicals in nail polish. For anyone else who has this problem, and wants to repair their nails, the best advice I can give you is to go cold turkey and give up the polish for a month or more and let your nails grow out and increase your protein intake. Increasing your protein intake is actually extremely beneficial for the whole of your body in general.

Recently I've been getting back into the swing of nail art. Insert a million smiley faces. I can sit there for hours doing my nails and coming up with all kinds of designs. I'll be putting them up on my instagram @alicevoyagerhearts if you're interested.

Here are some old designs from a few years back, Nostalgic much.

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