Thursday, 6 November 2014

Alexander Wang X H&M

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So the most highly anticipated H&M and designer collaboration ever has finally hit stores. I can only imagine how crazy the atmosphere was. I know they keep the shopping organized by only letting a certain amount of shoppers in for 20 minutes at a time, but I bet in the line ups there were some desperate shoppers ready and willing to throw a punch, minus the Wang boxing gloves, to make sure they got something. 
When I first heard of this collaboration I was so excited as Alex is one of my favourite designers and H&M one of my favourite stores. But I'll admit when I saw the previews and early releases starting to appear online I wasn't really feeling the vibe he was going with. I think maybe because the early release pictures were pretty much just boxing gloves and it wasn't what I was expecting.
Slowly and steadily as more items and pictures were released and finally the fashion show, I can assure you I would have been in that line 2 days in advance if Brisbane had a H&M store. Sadly it doesn't so I can only pine over these pieces below that I would drop kick someone in store to get my hands on. At $69.95 for this scooba jumper and t-shirt dress, I would quite happily dish that amount of dollar out. I know they are pretty basic and I wouldn't normally spend that on a t-shirt no matter how long it is, but come on, its Alexander Wang. Its worth it.

That just reminded me. Whilst Brisbane is yet to get H&M (or Zara) its has been blessed to be the first city in Australia to get Forver21. It didn't realize it was opening so soon. For some reason I thought it would be next year. I need to get my tooshie down there pronto. Shopping date Ash

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