Saturday, 13 September 2014

Quick trip to Sydney

Shirts- Cotton on , Black jeans- Factorie, Ripped jeans- Ally, Jacket- Just jeans, Shoes- Converse

Last weekend I headed down to Sydney again to see my dad one last time before he returns home to England. We went and stayed up on the northern beaches where we used to live. I was so excited over the thought of going swimming again and having a little surf at my favourite northern beaches which are North curl curl and manly, but sadly it didn't happen as it rained all weekend. BOOO. The rain doesn't stop me going for a swim but the absence of swimming flags and being able to see all the rips and how strong the current was mad it a clear nono for a swim. Same for a surf, the current and waves just a little bit too out of my comfort zone.

Dad used too work in bike shop called surf side. When I left Sydney to move to Queensland they were in the process of making a cafe in the front of the shop. We figured we'd go check it out. Its so cute,  50's dinner combined with hard rock cafe inspired with a chessboard floor and old bike memorabilia hanging around. I decided just to get a little treat. I went with the banana and honey on sourdough bread. OOOMMMG  it was heaven. Not completely gluten free but sometimes you gotta indulge.

We then went to see the inbetweeners 2, which I recommend to everyone, especially if your a backpackers, you'll understand the humour so much more.

After we went back to the hotel to chill out for a bit and watched the New Zealand v Argentina game with the intention to head to the pub to watch the Australia v South Africa game. But we decided we were too comfy and just got salad and chicken from the chicken shop around the corner and vegged out.

On sunday we just pottered around manly for a bit then headed to the airport for a last farewell before Dad heads back to the UK. It because of his decision to give it a crack out here in OZ that I was able to come out really. After coming back from Canada I didn't even think about it, but f*** me it has been the best decision ever. I am forever grateful and thankful to my number 1 dude, my dad for this opportunity.

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