Sunday, 3 August 2014

lil fashion crush- halters

Source: pinterest, shemademe, forever21

I've noticed halters seem too be creeping in, mainly ones by o mighty that pop up on tumblr. They're so 90's I love it. I remember I had a purple one that I considered a going out top. I'm pretty sure I wore it too my cousins christening. I really like the ones from forever21 (pic 2 and 5) but they only had them in large online and well, I just don't think I'd fill it. Maybe I should just try it out for size. Oh and how much of a babe does Vanessa Hudgens look in this outfit. Ill be honest, I have a bit of girl crush on her.  What's your views on halters? would you wear one? or do you have man shoulders? mean girls quote, sorry.

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