Saturday, 2 August 2014


Cardigan- SES, Top- Kmart, Jeans- Ally, Shoes- Converse

When I first saw this top in kmart i kinda went pfft, really? and I started thinking about all the people that could be wearing this top with no idea as too what the image actually was. Its kinda one of of my pet peeves, like when people wear obey stuff and have no idea who Shepard Fairy is. I walked away from it and a few seconds later found myself picking it up. I'm like Robert Langdon, i love symbology and the stories and what different gods represent have always interested me. I remember when I was a kid at school and we made things for Divali and running to the crystal section of gifts shops in museums because I thought they were pretty. I loved it when we started learning about the Egyptions, Greeks and Romans. Ancient history and mythology has always been something that I'm fascinated by but I've always kept my spirituality too myself. However in the last 2-3 years where I've been travelling and living in different countries I've definitely become more aware of it myself and am learning more about it. I still don't consider myself any religion, but rather take inspiration and teaching from various ones such as Buddhism, Hinduism, paganism etc. I never like too limit myself too one thing in life, instead I take inspiration out of many different things and like to keep my horizons and pathways wide open for different opportunities and experiences. Which in truth does prove too be a bit of problem when fully deciding what career path I want too take. Ideally I'd like too be a fashion designer and stylist/ performer and choreographer/ graphic designer for skateboards/actor, model and presenter/ illustrator/ athlete and something in music be it production or writing, which is a secret little hobby and fantasy of mine. Its all possible right? anything is possible, nothing is impossible- the word itself is Im possible. That's where your man Ganesha comes in. May he continue to remove my obstacles, mainly my laziness. I also really like elephants.

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