Wednesday, 13 August 2014

By the bay

Blazer- Zara via endeavour, t-shirt- Jay jays, Shorts- Jayjays, shoes, Converse, Board- OBFive

I do love a good crazy print. A printed jacket is ideal for any wardrobe, if like mine, contains a lot of black. Keeping the already hectic print toned down to black and white, it takes any simple outfit to the next level. Its also a light weight silk material perfect for the rise in temperature that's happened recently.

Almost 2 months ago I got a new house mate who randomly happened to be a fashion blogger, what a strange coincidence?? Today me and Ash of asheleyzoe finally got round to taking advantage of this and went down to Moreton bay which is just at the end of our street too take some photos using Ashes canon. Hooray to photos that are finally not crumby phone quality. This tree was also the most perfect tree too climb and lounge around on.

Go and check out Ashes blog ashleyzoe for more on her outfit.

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