Thursday, 31 July 2014

Alexander wang and Haydenshapes surf boards

 Source: haydenshapes, alexander wang, pedestrian tv

Eeeer so how totally freakin amazing are these boards. They were designed for an installation in Wangs soho flagship store in New York. I dont think i've ever wanted to go to new york so badly. Id love too see these bad boys up close and if the day comes that i can afford i for sure have at least 1 hanging on my wall.

Palm it

Jumpsuit- Newlook, Jacket- Just jeans, shoes- Converse, sunglasses- Live

So if you havn't noticed I've had a thing for all things palm print recently. I ordered this jumpsuit from UK brand New Look and I'm so happy with it. Its so comfy and if I'm totally honest, makes my butt look pretty good.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

playsuit madness

Playsuit- factorie, shoes- converse

I blogged about this playsuit in a factorie wishlist post and it stuck in my mind ever since. The print reminds me off something the fresh prince would wear, which is pretty fitting as he's one of my style icons. I snapped it up the next time i saw it and it also had $10 off, booyah. I'll also add that after seeing the trousers and top from the wishlist post iv gone off them.

These pictures where taken whilst on a lovely  stroll on the coogee to bondi walk. I'm down in Sydney for the weekend visisiting dad for his bday and we are staying in Coogee. The weather today was winter perfection.  Just look at all that blue. This is a prime reason as too why blue, especially turquoise is one of my main favourite colours.

aletheiaphos clear quarts druzy ring

So this ring is amaaaazzziiiing.

Glassons edt 3


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Art- Minjae Lee

Souce: tumblr

So i consider myself an artist who is having a  long term mental block. Im slowly working on a few things though as i finally have some inspiration, although honestly i think the block has just been pure laziness.

Im going too start posting about artists that i like, starting with south Korean artist Minjae Lee.

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Source: cameo the label

Cameo the label lookbook backroads

Friday, 18 July 2014

Anja and BLK

Stolen from oracle fox

The uber pretty Anja Rubik for Blk denim. Everything about this shoot is amazing.

Monday, 14 July 2014

a lil kirkman family reunion holiday diary

A few weeks ago my Dad come to Qld from central Nsw and my brother came all the over from England for a little visit. It was the first time in about 2 years that the 3 of us had been together.

We headed down too the gold coast for a week and had typical father and children randomness and happy fun times. We spent alot of the time just chilling on the beach, which i missed so much, surfing and swimming at main beach, the spit, broadbeach and the spit.

 We spent a fun filled day at dreamworld. The max time we waited for a ride was 20 minutes which was amazing. Id reccomend going on the tower of terror to start the day to get your addrenaline pumping. Also the buzzsaw and the big drop, which is the worlds second tallest drop ride. I dont normally get affraid of heights but this one honestly made me a bit queezy. Theres also a really cool motorbike rollercoaster which is good for all petrol heads alike. If like me you love tigers and they are one of your favourite animals, go check out tiger island and see the impressive tiger show. I always get sceptical over those types of things but the living area is pretty nice with plenty of things too climb, space, and a big watering hole, and you can tell that the trainers really care for the animals so i give it a thumbs up. Also check out the other animals they have like the kangaroos and wallabies. Come on look at the little guy, hes so freakin cute i wanted too take him home with me.

We spent an afternoon up mt tamborine and checked out some glow worms. Its like and up close galaxy. Theres also loads of cool shops that are a bit artsy and hippy along with an amazing crystal shop in gallery walk. Theres also plently of walks through the rain forest too waterfalls and amazing views.

We checked out a mandatory rugby league game as the titans were playing at home. The cbus stadium is really nice, although we were sat on the side with the sun glaring in our face which annoying but it was a really good intense game.

We finished the week off with the weekend at the queensland race way for the aussie super bikes as my dad is a mechanic for team bc performance. They did pretty well with the 3 300 riders continuously bringing in top 8 places. The youngest team member Kyle did awsm with 1st place and 2nd place wins. Particularly on day 2 after crashing and dislocating his shoulder on saturday.

Then sad times came when dad had to go back home for work and i got stuck with my brother for a week. It was pretty nice too be honest, like really nice just too hang out with him. He's still an annoying little shit and i still boss him around like crazy but we are more like friends now. He even would slip a sneaky kiss on my  forhead which kind of creeped me out at first. Awww he loves me really.

So yeah it was a really a lovely week. Especially as my brother is due too go in the army in a few weeks and who knows when the next time i see him will be. The next time i see dad will hopefully be for the Australia v Argentina rugby championship game here in Qld. Aww yeah.