Sunday, 1 June 2014

that 80/90s vibe

Jacket- just jeans, crop top- jayjays, jeans- jag via salvation army, slip ons- kmart, bag- cottonon

I honestly havn't worn jeans in about a year. I've beem dying to get a decent pair but really didnt want to spend too much. I checked out the op/charity shops in my suburb to find a bargain. These Jag jeans were suposed to be $4 dollars which is a damn sweet price. Then i got to the Checkout to find they were half price. SCOOOOORE. Another of the shops has a couple of racks of Zara and i picked up a pair of skinnies for $20. Theres a jacket im kinda in love with but its still way too pricey. Going to keep my eye on iy snd fingers crossed that the price drops.

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