Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cronulla for easter

For easter i headed down to sydney to see my dad. We were originally going to go back to central nsw where he lives, but decided to go south past bondi and coogee to cronulla. The other option was to go back up to manly and the northern beaches where we used to live. Im actually glad we didn't. It would have been rammed as it was a holiday. Also the royals where there so it would have been a moshpit trying to find a spot on the beach and swim without being kicked by someone. 

Well what can i say about Cronulla. Its lovely. So much more chilled out than the northen beaches. In a way its kind of similar to Manly with the beach one side and the wharf the other. The town centres not to hectic, Theres some cute little boutiques and cafes which my dad had too pull me away from.

So what did we get up to. I would love to say swimming and a little bit of surfing but this is negatory. As we drove up to the beach all you could see was white water. The beaches were closed. You can tell by some of these pictures how mad the waves were, although they really dont do them justice. There was only about 10 or so surfers out, even then some of them were getting the lifeguards to pull them out on jetskis. The current was that strong they couldn't even paddle out.

Instead we took a ferry across to Bundeena in the hunt for some aboriginal carvings but kind of missed them as we got to sidetracked by how amazing the views were. We went on this long walk around the edge of the peninsula which had a couple of little hidden beaches. I still couldn't really swim but i got to frollick on some rocks and live out a little bit of my mermaid fantasy.

Other things that we did were check out the cronulla sharks v sydney roosters rugby league game. I dragged dad to see the new captain America, he really doesn't appreciate Chris Evans the way i do. Seriously iv had a huge crush on the guy since the fantastic 4 days, so like almost 10 years now. We got some frozen yoghurt and most importantly just chilled out with the most importany dude in my life. Thank you for a great weekend daddio.

Clothes worn in pics

Kimono- vintage, top-jayjays, denim shorts- eva and ever, trousers- billabong, bikini top- lara bingle for cotton on, Swim shorts- kmart

Saturday, 26 April 2014

zara love

So its been quite a long time since iv had a peek at zara and i was pleasantly pleased. I love this spring lookbook from the trf line. So fresh and easy going. I normally prefer trf over the normal line. I think its the youthfulness and how its more laidback. Also the slightlyore appealing price tag.
Heres a few pieces i'm going to be keeping my eye on.

I want all of these pieces but im crushing particularly hard on the pink wide legs pants. I had a pair similar a few years ago. They're just so comfy and easy to throw on.
I'm liking shoes that have this simple chain detail at the moment. River island have some slip ons with it. I thinking of braving the all white pair with silver chain.
I still cant decide if i like the whole mandel birkinstock slip on thing yet either. Its definitley growing on me. I pretty fond of these black crossover ones. Think i just need a little shove.

Friday, 25 April 2014

coachella style 2014

Source:, refinary 29, tumblr