Sunday, 2 March 2014

travel update......Brissy

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So after living in mission beach for 6 months and working on a banana farm for 5 and loving it, thursday came around and it was time for me and one of the girls Sally to take the step on our aussie adventure.
Getting up on thursday morning to say goodbye to my farm family was horrible, easily the hardest goodbye iv had to too. Saying bye to new brothers and sisters and best friends amd not knowing when your going to see them again sucks big time.

Iv only been here a few days and im already loving Brisbane. Its such a pleasant city. A lot smaller than Sydney, but that ok as i like smaller cities. Not that Sydneys huge, id take Sydney over the size of London any day. You might even say Brisbane looks like London with the city being on either side of the river, it even has an eye, but it so much nicer, cleaner, friendlier and laid back than London. The other day i was walking too meet a friend in a bar and a buisness guy i walked passed says, good evening enjoy your night. That stuff just happen back home without being really creepy.

I thimk im going to like it here alot, if not the Gold coast is only an hour away.

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