Friday, 21 February 2014

winter warmers

Source: le21eme, streetfsn

Probably one of the few things i miss about the northern hemispher is winter fashion. I love dressing up in thick knits, my fur coat and chunky black boots in a colour pallete of black, white, grey and more black.
Cant say i miss the cold though, althouh i wouldnt mind a day where i can walk outside in the morning and feel crisp cold air on my face.
The weather is ridiculously hot up here in the tropics. Im used to this humid heat now but not too the amounts of sweat that pours of you without doing anything, sorry for that lovely image. Its ok though as i have some pretty amazing printed shorts to wear to help the cooling process.
Also i wish i could say the sun was glorious but its wet season up here. I've seen a lot of rather impressive rainfalls and thunderstorms over the summer, and only a few scorching sun days, but thats all going to change soon.

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