Thursday, 16 January 2014

another year

Soooooo exciting stuff. On monday i started my second visa. 3 months of working my butt off on a banana farm finally payed off, especially after cutting my time really close.
Im so happy its unreal. Ive also decided to stay in mission beach and work on the farm till the end of Feb. I love where i live and the people too much too leave yet. As for the work, well i actually kinda enjoy it, plus a jobs a job and ive heard from people that are back in big cities fing work is pretty tough at the moment.

Heres a couples of picks from a little road trip me Dan and Andy took on saturday.

1. Beach walk with Dan and Jamie resulting in some doodles.

2. Chilling at the top of zillie falls before making our way down to climb gigantic rocks and potentially kill ourselves all in the name of fun and adventure.

3. Stopped to check out the view from the windiest road ever.

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