Saturday, 30 November 2013

Erin Wasson for Elle Australia

Elle is one of my favourite fashion magazines and the fact that Australia now has it is very exciting.  I just picked up the December issue with one of my favourite models Erin Wasson, which is the 3rd issue of the publication.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

oceon dreams

So last weekend was absoloutely amazing. Probably one of my best in Australia. Me and some of my hostel mates had a weekend away up in Cairns. It was full of laughs and just pure awsmness. The main reason we went was to scoobadive and snorkel. It was pure magic. Just being in the oceon and feeling free and swimming with fish of the most amazing colours. Words really cant describe how amazing it was and the pure bliss i felt. Any dream of being a mermaid iv ever had just became real.

Sunday was then spent roading tripping back to mission beach via a load of waterfalls. So pretty and tranquil.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

desert wanderer

Spell Designs summer 2013 lookbook

I am so in love with that red playsuit all the other pieces made with this print.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

White essential

Source: tumblr, pinterest

A white shirt and t-shirt is a wardrobe essential
 Personally i think the baggier, less fitted and oversized and slightly piratey the better.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Life in Mission beach

For the last  2 months i have been living the sweet life in mission beach. Its 2 hours south of Cairns and is what i would consider a proper Australian beach. Theres a few backpackers but its not loaded with tourists. Its paradise. Its a small quiet town that reminds me a lot of la reserve where i used to go on holiday in south west France.

Im staying in a hostel called scottys that is right opposite the beach, all that seperates you is the road. Scottys is probably the best hostel iv ever stayed in. Its basically one massive beach house. Hamocks, amazing pool, decking full of couches which are amazing for a mid afternoon nap and a gigantic flat screen in the tv room complete with fox so i can watch all the international rugby games.

The main reason i came here was to do my 3 months farm work to get my second visa. I had to wait around 2 weeks to get on the farm, and now iv just reached my half way mark.

I spend most of my time in the shed sorting bad banana from good banana and a few other lame jobs. Iv also been lucky enough to go outside and do some plating, go for a drive and pick up some baby plants, help out a bit with irigation and stringing, which is where you tie string to trees to stop them falling over from the weight of the banana bunch.  Being outside is the best, it hot hot hot but the time seem to go faster and its just generally more fun than being inside.

When i started the farm i thouht i would hate it but iv really enjoyed myself, at the same time i cant wait for it to end. 6 more weeks to go. Ive also learnt alot about banana trees, theyre actually really interesting. Did you know they only ever grow one bunch, and theyre kind of like a women, it only takes 9 months for them to grow and produce the first bunch. Theres a fact for you that you miht find interesting or completley usless.

1. View of dunk island from the beach
2. The girls waiting for the boys to do their sky dive
3. The lovely 3m deep pool of scottys
4. Coolest starfish just chillin
5. Pool side chilling by the beach at castaways
6. Crazy canadian Johnny getting some coconuts and bringing back so many memories of last year
7. 12 cans of solo for $12
8. My buddy luke gave me a pair of his vans when he left the hostel
9. Art work at reception
10. Alexia, Tess and mee
11. Tree frog. They're so cute and i find a tone of them a day at work ranging from teeny bubs to these big guys. When i was trying to put one in a safe place it wouldnt leave my hand so i just placed it on my shoulder and he stayed there for about hour whilst working. Another one i put in a tree and it turned around and jumped on my head. I love these little guys.
12. I hippified luke
13. Scottys/ farm fambam
14. Chocolate frozen banana at evolce fest. Had such a blast. A small hippie festical in the rainforest. There were some reallt amazing bamds and the djs. The skull stage was tue place to go once the bands stopped. Proper harscore dance music or dufduf as they people around here call it. It was amazing.
15. Walk along the beach
16. In the paddock, bananas everywhere
17. Pawpaw/papaya
18. Rings i bought in cairns, starting my ring collection again
19. Evolve fest
20. Chilling with a big snake one of the boys found at work
21. Cracking open some coconuts i found
22. Beach finds
23. Some of the Scottys fam at evolve
24. Cute little starfish
25. Went on a 22k bike ride along the coast and this was my treat, blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake. Heaven
26. Iv got a lovely bunch of coconuts
27. View down the beach
28. Shed bitches heading out to the paddock