Tuesday, 10 September 2013


The one thing i truley love about cairns is how everywhere you look you can see the mountains. Its so beautiful. The other thing thats nice about it is its a small city and quite simplistic. I would also say pretty safe. Not once have i had to wait for a green man or even press the button, theres literally no traffic.
The thing i dont like is its pretty much just one giant resort. People come here to party, and party i have but in moderation. They also come to see the great barrier reef and the rainforest. Unfortunatley i didnt get time to see them as im on a tight budget and here for farm work, not to do touristy things. Im for sure going to check them out once i done my rural work. So these pictures arn't as amazing as most peoples from cairns, just simple things i found interesting whilst walking around. In particular these trees, the way the branches twist is so cool.

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