Sunday, 11 August 2013


1. Awsm quote wall in Manly 2. Clear blue sky and water at Manly wharf
3. Sunny beautiful days cruising requires one of the Marley's 4. I'm fat and love pancakes
5. Throw back to my 19th 2011 6. Deadly and inhaled
7&8. T2 is tea heaven
9. Best $3 pants 10. The waters still kinda cold but I couldn't resist any longer, its was so beautiful
11. I love this guy from cotton on 12. Eastern creek/ Sydney raceway, back in the pits with BC performance, first time since March/April
13. Muddy knees from taking down some big Parramatta girls at home 14. Mmm passionfruit
15. In love with mango pie baby lips 16. Current fave pants
17. Batman curtains 18. Peace
19. The pit lane at eastern creek ( my dads a mechanic for BC) 20. Vincent Von Vinnie
21. Loving the new Nike freeknits 22. The weather was so nice the shorts finally came back out

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