Thursday, 11 July 2013


I was going through my old photobucket pics the other day and found all these old outfit snaps from posts that I either deleted from about 2 years ago or never put up. I almost forgot that my hair used to be a giant beast, then a try at a full fringe to chopping it off, trying to regrow it long again then back to where I am now with it short again and once again facing the dilemma of `do it grow it long again?' or keep it short? I used to also enjoy wearing giant heels where it was appropriate if I went out, but now id much rather wear boots with a little heel or flats or sneakers out, way more comfortable. Weirdly I also remember where all the clothing was from.

1. Sequin and leather jacket- Topshop ( still have) 2. Jumper- Charity shop 3. Jumper- Primark 4. Top- Asos, Shoes- TKMaxx 5. Jacket- Charity shop, Jumpsuit- F+F 6. Shirt- Newlook, Ski pant style leggings- F+F 7. Shirt- Charity shop, Cycling shorts- Forever 21 8. Blazer- Charity shop 9. Kimono- Select, Maxi dress- Primark, 10- Jeans - NewLook, Boots- Primark 11. Biker vest- Value Village- Canada, Shirt- Value Village, Skirt- H&M 12. Skirt- Value village 13. Pants- H&M 14. Jacket- TKMaxx, Shirt- Primark, Shoes- Boohoo 15. Fur vest- Charity shop, Tee- Newlook mens, High waisted jeans- Newlook

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