Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A different penninsula

Jacket- JustJeans, Shirt- JustJeans, Pants- Boutique store, Sunnies- Op shop
The winter weather over the weekend was so beautiful, and I finally had a Sunday off work, that me anD dad decided to randomly hop on a ferry from palm beach and head across to the Central coast.
The ferry goes from Palm beach at the end of the northern beaches peninsula to Ettalong on the WoyWoy peninsula. Its about a 20-30 minute boat ride and the scenery is beautiful. Its also a prime spot for whale watching. I'm so jealous and annoyed. We got a water taxi back and the driver said he just saw a load of dolphins on the way over, so naturally no dolphins on the way back, sad face.
When we arrived at Ettalong it was to a tiny little pier that lead to a super quaint little Aussie town that consisted of a small market place, an old traditional cinema, a couple of cafes, a pie shop and a good old tobacconist. I'd Just like to point out that I've reached my 6 months no smoking, but I will admit that I caved to 1 or 2 when I was out the other week, I blame the beer, please forgive me.
So after marvelling over what I consider a rare sight, we grabbed some pie and find a little spot by the water, which naturally consisted of me rolling up my pants and going for a paddle even if the water was freezing. Now if only the dolphins had come and said hi on the way back to the beaches, the day would have been more than perfect day out with the creator.

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