Tuesday, 30 July 2013


1. Selfie 2. Black and white outfit
3. I have a bit of a thing for mirrored sunglasses 4. Current favourite hair products
5. I'm so cute 6. Friday night outfit snap
7 & 8. Ziggy jeans
9. A little doodle of mine 10. Some of my favourite aussie magazines
11. Super yummy and pretty cake my boss made 12. Selfie
13. For $2 7-11 coffee is pretty good 14. My favourite piece of graffiti on the northern beaches

Monday, 29 July 2013

Bush Baby

Jacket- Just Jeans, Pants- Dotti, Top- Cotton on, Shoes- Rubi

Going to edge of what counts as the Sydney metropolitan area and hitting a bit of the country. These pictures were just taken on the side of the road but just from what I saw cruising along, the Australian bush really is beautiful. You might question what Aussie country folk do, just over an hour from the beach counts as country and rural, the answer? They build massive tracks on their front garden and ride around on dirt and quad bikes or go the river to do a bit of wakeboarding. Sounds a bit like some of my child hood. And to think I had a slight panic thought that living in the country doing rural work for 3 months might be a bit boring. I Can't wait.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Over the last week the Australian winter in Sydney has been glorious with crystal clear blue skies but theres a major chill in the air. I love winter when its a bit chilly but you can still wear you sunglasses, but I'm dying to go for a swim. Now this would be achievable if had a wetsuit to stop me freezing to death but I currently do not possess one. Its alright though as spring should be rocking back round soon, especially in queensland, which is soon to be my next place of abode. I'm so excited.
Also how cute or RiRi and Miley doing a bit of a matchy matchy.
Source: Tumblr, oraclefox

Sunday, 21 July 2013


So after having an old skool phone since being in Australia, I've finally bought myself a shiny new phone. As sad as its going to sound, I actually really missed instagram.

1. Pic from a outfit post 2. Skateboard I designed 3. Cliff sitting at curlcurl beach 4. Pic from back in Jan/Feb, summer summer summer time 5. Cheese, avocado and egg on toast 6. Not a bad view to play a game of rugby and celebrate skitz 200 game for Warringah, what an achievement.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A different penninsula

Jacket- JustJeans, Shirt- JustJeans, Pants- Boutique store, Sunnies- Op shop
The winter weather over the weekend was so beautiful, and I finally had a Sunday off work, that me anD dad decided to randomly hop on a ferry from palm beach and head across to the Central coast.
The ferry goes from Palm beach at the end of the northern beaches peninsula to Ettalong on the WoyWoy peninsula. Its about a 20-30 minute boat ride and the scenery is beautiful. Its also a prime spot for whale watching. I'm so jealous and annoyed. We got a water taxi back and the driver said he just saw a load of dolphins on the way over, so naturally no dolphins on the way back, sad face.
When we arrived at Ettalong it was to a tiny little pier that lead to a super quaint little Aussie town that consisted of a small market place, an old traditional cinema, a couple of cafes, a pie shop and a good old tobacconist. I'd Just like to point out that I've reached my 6 months no smoking, but I will admit that I caved to 1 or 2 when I was out the other week, I blame the beer, please forgive me.
So after marvelling over what I consider a rare sight, we grabbed some pie and find a little spot by the water, which naturally consisted of me rolling up my pants and going for a paddle even if the water was freezing. Now if only the dolphins had come and said hi on the way back to the beaches, the day would have been more than perfect day out with the creator.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


I was going through my old photobucket pics the other day and found all these old outfit snaps from posts that I either deleted from about 2 years ago or never put up. I almost forgot that my hair used to be a giant beast, then a try at a full fringe to chopping it off, trying to regrow it long again then back to where I am now with it short again and once again facing the dilemma of `do it grow it long again?' or keep it short? I used to also enjoy wearing giant heels where it was appropriate if I went out, but now id much rather wear boots with a little heel or flats or sneakers out, way more comfortable. Weirdly I also remember where all the clothing was from.

1. Sequin and leather jacket- Topshop ( still have) 2. Jumper- Charity shop 3. Jumper- Primark 4. Top- Asos, Shoes- TKMaxx 5. Jacket- Charity shop, Jumpsuit- F+F 6. Shirt- Newlook, Ski pant style leggings- F+F 7. Shirt- Charity shop, Cycling shorts- Forever 21 8. Blazer- Charity shop 9. Kimono- Select, Maxi dress- Primark, 10- Jeans - NewLook, Boots- Primark 11. Biker vest- Value Village- Canada, Shirt- Value Village, Skirt- H&M 12. Skirt- Value village 13. Pants- H&M 14. Jacket- TKMaxx, Shirt- Primark, Shoes- Boohoo 15. Fur vest- Charity shop, Tee- Newlook mens, High waisted jeans- Newlook

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

wood chuck chuck

                                        Jeans- JayJays, Leather vest- Thrift shop, Shirt- Big W, Top- Cotton on

I'm going to go ahead and admit that I was cold today. I just wanted to be cosy whilst doing a bit of shopping so I went a bit lumberjack style, although not quite to the extent that I used too when I was living in Toronto, well because there's no snow here in Sydney. Speaking of shopping, damn did I get some good bargains in the sale today.


Mmmmm vintage Gwen and Mila, that Celine jacket  and those Raf Simons sneakers again.

Source: Tumblr, stipitrightnow

Monday, 8 July 2013

Half way there

Jacket- Cocolatte, Top- Factorie, Jeans- Levis via goodwill

So I've officially been in Australia for 6 months now and its been freakin amazing. Cant wait for the next 6 months which have a lot more travelling planned. Pictures taken at Manly.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday inspiration

Source: Tumblr
Mmmmm, that Phillip Lim jacket, the bandana print, the white leather bag, Abbey Lee and Freja, and those cloud print tops.