Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The first voyage

One form of art that i've always been interested in and wanted to try is the illustrations on skate decks. So when i came across a perfectly good deck lying in someones council pick up i figured nows the time to get cracking with it. After several hours of sanding and waiting around for paint to dry im really happy with the out come. The process wasn't with out injury as i managed to burn my finger whilst removing the old grip tape. Heat guns get rather hot. Also a guy my dad works with has donated an old pair of his trucks and wheels which glide with minimal effort. I cant wait to make more, i havn't been this happy with a piece of my art for a long time.

Take it easy


Source: Tumblr, woolfcub, urban outfitters

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Get Ziggy with the Waratahs

                           Coat- H&M, Jeans- Ziggy Denim, Imitation chucks- Rubi shoes

First things first just to clear up, yes that is my beloved fur and leather coat and beanie that have been able to work their way back into my wardrobe after a  lovely hot summer. I think its fair to say that i have definitely acclimatized to Australia. Its officially now autumn here and while the temperature around Sydney is still in the twenties, only just, and i can really tell difference. In the UK thats still considered tropical but here people are wearing full on winter coats, even i found myself wearing jeans and a thick flannel shirt at midday the other day. I guess its English naivety that we all assume Oz is 35 degrees all year round. Thats a definite negatory, there was even snow in south NSW last week. So onto the outfit.

Nothing jazzes up a plain old t-shirt like printed jeans, especially floral jeans, and even better, skeleton and floral jeans. These Ziggy jeans are so comfortable they feel like i'm wearing leggings. I saw them months ago and finally brought them when they went on sale and i love them so much. They make for a perfect pair of jeans for standing up and screaming at a rugby game.

Me and dad ventured to olympic park in Sydney to witness the mega super 15 show down of the NSW Waratahs and the ACT Brumbies who are currently 2nd in the whole competition. After several major injuries, lots of screaming and several mini heart attacks the Waratahs were victorious with 3 amazing tries, my favourite being Peter Bethams leap of faith. It really was an amazing and intense game. It made up for manlys slightly disappointing loss to the Sydeny roosters on monday in the NRL, all though it was good to finally go to a rugby league game. Hopefully the boys can get  their fire back for the game on monday.

Also please enjoy this picture of me stuffing my face before the tahs game.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

On the edge

                                                         Kimono- Cotton on, T-shirt dress- Supre

Normally when i have work on a sunday morning i prefer to stay in bed till the latest time possible, but the morning was so beautiful me a papa decided to go for a stroll along the beach and check out a bit of the local surfing competition. I love the walk from south curl curl to freshwater that has this rocky cliff bit. I cant resist sitting on the edge watching the ocean. Its so beautiful and relaxing.

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