Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A few snaps

Here's a few snaps from back over the Easter weekend. Me and the old man decided to go up to palm beach and whale beach and dared the sea completely ignoring the `Warning, beach closed, dangerous surf'. It was pretty deadly, plenty of people on the beach but no- one swimming, until the crazy English folk showed up, then people starting flooding in, especially the Asians, oh the Asians and the big open sea, i do love their enthusiasm. The biggest highlight was going to see the Waratahs v WA in the super 15 games, We won, go NSW. Also how amazing is that pink sky over the north Curl Curl lagoon.

Bit of Celine and Vans

Recently i'v had a massive craving for leopard print, from t-shirts to sneakers to this Celine coat of which I'm drooling over. I'm also trying not to succumb to buying vans after all the young people believing they are  `hipsters' back in the UK just trashed them for me. However here in oz they are actually appreciated more for which they were created , for skating. Plus they just fit the vibe of Oz oh to well, and take be back to my early emo teens where i had a checkerboard pair. I'm particularly taken with the leather sk8 shoe,or a leopard print pair????