Tuesday, 8 January 2013


After only being back in the UK for nearly 3 months after spending a year in Canada and having the time of my life, in a few hours i will be on plane jetting of to spend a year in Australia. This only came about 1 month ago when my dad, who lives near Sydney, gave me an offer i couldn't refuse, or rather i would have been the most stupidest person ever to turn it town. What should normally take 6 weeks to get a visa sorted out took me a measly week. So yeah big life change i wasn't expecting. I can't wait to get back on the beach pretty much every day like i used to when i spent my summers in France. I'm so excited to get back to summer and become a hippy beach bum again, spend my days surfing, swimming, probably going to take up skateboarding/longboarding again, the last time being when i was about 13, and wearing factor 50 suncream to avoid bursting into flames, oh and working, hopefully i'll get a job within the first 2 days like i did when i was in Canada.

The part i'm dreading is the nearly 24 hours on the plane. However i'm also really excited as i have a 4 hour layer on Incheon, Seoul airport. In case you didn't know i'm major into Asian things, from fashion to music and well everything. In particular over the last 4 years my love of Japan has transformed into a love of Korea, so being able to sit in the airport for 4 hours is a big thing for me as i may never get that close to going to Korea again. My eyes are going to be super peeled in search of any k-pop artists.

So yeah thats my big new for 2013. I had the most amazing year of my live whilst in Canada and met the most amazing and perfect people ever, followed by what was actually a really pleasant 3 months back in the UK, as i really didn't want to come back. So the question is.... will Oz be able to reach the same level as Canada?? I'm  going to go with a big YES!!! even if its just because of the weather and the fact the beach is going to be a five minute walk from where i will be living to begin with, and i'll be seeing my dad for the first time in a year and 3 months. Anyone else have any big new or things planned for 2013???

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