Thursday, 31 January 2013


 One trend that i'm really loving for s/s 2013, although it already is summer for me, is the monochrome trend. So simple yet with certain pieces you can create something edgy, sophisticated, grungy etc. This is a little capsule collection i put together using tops from Topshop, acne jeans, Helmut Lang skirt, Alexander Wang white skirt and shoes and top shop Stunner and amnesty shoes. I love the Topshop alphabet top and how the amnesty shoes are really similar to the always coveted Jeffery Campbell coltrane shoes.

And if you really want to add a pop to a monochrome look, check out these Moonspoon platforms available at They're also so perfectly 90's.

KTZ/Diplo menswear a/w 2013

Filmed  in black and white and with an eery soundtrack created by Diplo the KTZ A/W 2013 menswear looks as awsm as always.

Source: Hyepbeast

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I've been crushing hard core on holographic stuff over the past few months and things that seem like they could be from the distant future. These Raf Simons sneakers/trainers/runners, i don't know what to call them anymore, fall right into that bracket of weird and wonderful sci-fi type things. Annoyingly though they're men's shoes. Seriously, they always get the best sneakers/trainers what ever you want to call them.

Source: Hypebeast

Monday, 28 January 2013

Mermaid cove

 Whilst on a walk i came across some stone steps which led down to this little rocky area that i could imagine mermaids stopping by to take a break or something. Simple yet a beautiful little area.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Mugler X G-dragon

As a fan of both Nicola Formichetti and G-dragon of BigBang i was so excited to here that GD was making a song specially for the Mugler men's a/w 2013/14 show. Its finally been released and my god its the perfect combination. GD just got the sound perfect for the show along with his own personal style. As for the collection itself, head to toe neon pink suits to black and other muted colours with splashings of neon green. It all just so good.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Some big summer inspiration

 If there's one thing i've notice about my style and what i like, is that it changes with the seasons and is heavily influenced by where i am. For example, when i'm in the rainy cold weather of England and the harsh winters of Canada, I tend to go more urban, grungy and gothic, and well i guess a bit more put together. Switch to the scorching heat of the south of France, Canadian summers and now Oz, i pretty much go all out beach bum, hobo-boho hippy looking with frayed, highwaisted, baggy, torn shorts, baggy t's and flip flops. This being my favourite primarily because its so easy and you don't have to fuss about layers coats and if those boots are gunna keep my feet warm, although i do love big jumpers, heavy duty boots and my beloved beanie, which if i wear now will turn my head into a volcano.

I'm still in so much love with the Alexander Wang s/s13 collection, im also loving the new Billabong s/s13
campaign pictures. Oh and this is the only time i find something with dope and those annoying geek t-shirts acceptable, when its on a beach babe.

Images from- Oraclefox, oystermag, Tumblr, sugarhigh + lovestoned

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


After only being back in the UK for nearly 3 months after spending a year in Canada and having the time of my life, in a few hours i will be on plane jetting of to spend a year in Australia. This only came about 1 month ago when my dad, who lives near Sydney, gave me an offer i couldn't refuse, or rather i would have been the most stupidest person ever to turn it town. What should normally take 6 weeks to get a visa sorted out took me a measly week. So yeah big life change i wasn't expecting. I can't wait to get back on the beach pretty much every day like i used to when i spent my summers in France. I'm so excited to get back to summer and become a hippy beach bum again, spend my days surfing, swimming, probably going to take up skateboarding/longboarding again, the last time being when i was about 13, and wearing factor 50 suncream to avoid bursting into flames, oh and working, hopefully i'll get a job within the first 2 days like i did when i was in Canada.

The part i'm dreading is the nearly 24 hours on the plane. However i'm also really excited as i have a 4 hour layer on Incheon, Seoul airport. In case you didn't know i'm major into Asian things, from fashion to music and well everything. In particular over the last 4 years my love of Japan has transformed into a love of Korea, so being able to sit in the airport for 4 hours is a big thing for me as i may never get that close to going to Korea again. My eyes are going to be super peeled in search of any k-pop artists.

So yeah thats my big new for 2013. I had the most amazing year of my live whilst in Canada and met the most amazing and perfect people ever, followed by what was actually a really pleasant 3 months back in the UK, as i really didn't want to come back. So the question is.... will Oz be able to reach the same level as Canada?? I'm  going to go with a big YES!!! even if its just because of the weather and the fact the beach is going to be a five minute walk from where i will be living to begin with, and i'll be seeing my dad for the first time in a year and 3 months. Anyone else have any big new or things planned for 2013???

 Pics: Tumblr

Monday, 7 January 2013

Life through instagram #14

1. The dress i regret not buying 2. The yummiest pasties 3. Floral pants for indian buffet with family 4. Out with 2 of my favourite loosers 5. Printed purchases 6. Standing by the river in Tavistock 7. Yummy drink 8. Ootd 9. Print from the dress i should have bought.

RIP Tupac

I went to visit some family in Tavistock, Devon the other day and came across this. Now when you think of Tavistock or any old market village town in the UK country you imagine it being it full of old people. You don't imagine any graffiti or memorials to Rap legends. Its pretty awsm if you ask me

Sunday, 6 January 2013

New years resolution: To quit

I must i must i must i must i must i must i must quit, and this time not just for 5 weeks, this time for good, no relapse, no sneaking the odd drunken smoke, this time its forever. Bring it on!!!!!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Jeremy Scot Adidas s/s 2013

Stolen from Jeremy's instagram. I couldn't wait for the official pictures, these pieces are just too damn amazing. Personally i think this is probably the best collection he's done for Adidas so far.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Hope everyone had an epic new years, i certainly did, and i wish everyone the best in 2013.