Sunday, 16 December 2012

Life through instagram #12

1. Found me an iridescent bag, in the new look sale of all places 2. Nicola Formichetti dazed & confused issue, the best issue ever 3. yeah im 20 years old 4. Now that I've seen the gorillaz x converse shoe in person im dying to own them, but not to wear but to put on a shelf as art 5. Bought these patches of ebay to customize my own t-shirt 6. Ebay long sleeved crop top and oxblood slit maxi skirt 7. Baby pandas being too cute 8. Dip dabs are the best 9. Tea 10. Riding to work at on ungodly hour in the butt freezing cold 11. All black 12. Flash back to January, ice skating at Nathan Phillips square, Toronto with my cousin. I miss that place more than you can imagine, I've officially been back 2 months now 13. Rather addicted to star wars angry birds 14. Yup ate the whole tub myself 15. Oh Hirari and Juria in dazed and confused, along with Eva Pinkland, Ruby Gloom, Yoon, Mademoiselle Yulia, Kiko Mizuhara, Verbal etc, if your an asia freak like me you'd understand.

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