Sunday, 30 December 2012

Into the new year

So i'm going to say a super big HAPPY NEW YEAR now as i will be way too incoherent tonight and will be wanting to die in the morning. WOW, like serious WOWOWOWOW. I can't believe 2012 is over and done with, and what an amazing year its been. I spent most of the year having an absolute ball in Canada and as much as i really didn't want to leave, the last 2 months in England, i'll admit, have been rather nice. Major catch up with friends and family i hadn't seen in a year, continuous wrestling with my brother, meeting the new family cat, getting back to my old dance group and doing regular gigs again, eating way to much and moaning about the miserable English weather. The year went to quick, especially whilst in Canada, the time shot by like the speed of light. Well time does fly when your having way to much fun with amazing people in an an amazing country. What's everyone got planned for New Year? I'm going to be in Essex seeing some of my oldest and best friends to drink ourselves silly, when in Essex you go hard or go home. As for the new year, does anyone have anything excited planned? I do!!! I'll tell you about soon. Have an amazing night, go f****ing crazy, but stay safe, blag a new years kiss, tell someone you love them, dance like crazy and enjoy the new year people. Love Love Alice xxx

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