Saturday, 17 November 2012

old things come together

So today i went shopping with a few girlfriends that i hadn't seen yet since iv been back home from Canada . I can't explain how excited i was to go to Southampton and hit Primark, even if it was like complete war zone. Seriously blood could have been drawn with the amount of people all looking at the same rack of clothing.
For this lovely little outing i decided to wear a few old pieces that i forgot existed. Like this F+F shearling jacket from 2010 when like many others, i was drooling over the Burberry aviator jackets. I forgot how toasty it kept you and how good it can look simply layered over a t-shirt. I paired it up with these old Levi man shorts and a shawl/poncho hybrid baby that i pass of as a scarf that i got in Matalan about 2 years ago. Its fair to say i was definitely a little bit more than cozy in this outfit whilst wrestling threw the crazy saturday shoppers. I made it out safe though and with a few goodies.

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