Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New knit and backpack

                                                                             Jumper & Backpack - Primark, Maxi dress- old Primark

When i went shopping the other day i had a clear vision and solid shopping list of what i wanted. I walked into primark and it ticked off everything. First was knitwear. I wanted a new jumper that would inject a bit colour into my winter wardrobe, which is mostly black, and that i could wear with most things i owned. I found it in the form of this turquoise/teal coloured piece. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours, along with black and wearing it just seems to perk me up. I love the attention to detail of the uneven back and front and the slits at the side.

Next on my list was a new back pack. I have a leather and fur one that i got from Aldo whilst i was in Canada and wear with everything, but when im wearing a fur coat its a little bit of a fur overload. I really wanted a leather one and hey presto Primark hit the spot again. Its the perfect size to fit all the stuff i always carry with me along with my 'just in case' items and what ever else dwells in the bottom of my bags. Its also the perfect price of $9 (for some reason i dont have a pound key) for the quality of the leather used, which is really good for primark, it doesn't look or feel cheap and i love the stiching giving it an extra punch. I'm definitely going to be using this lag a latte.

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