Saturday, 10 November 2012

nails nails nails

Anyone who knows me knows that i have a slight addiction to nail polish and nail art, almost to the extent where my old roommate was convinced i would die of fume poisoning. However recently i've been lacking in inspiration for any new nail designs or any enthusiasm to do something fancy with my nails, I've just be resorting to standard dark colours or bright pink. In order to get my mojo for nail art back in check i went through a nail art album i forgot i had on facebook and through old instagram pictures and i now present you with some o my favourites from the past 2 years.

1. Galaxy 2. Lightning 3. Glittery Kitties 4. Tribal 5. Stitches, Eyeballs and vampire teeth 6. Dripping slime 7. Monochrome half ' n ' half 8. Pandas 9. Feathers 10. Artsy geometry

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