Sunday, 11 November 2012

Life through instagram #9

1.  A beautiful view at the end of a massive bike ride with my brother through titchfield haven to the beach 2&7 Trying on outfits in new look, i really wanted this whole outfit but sadly had no money 3,11,13,16. Pictures from mine and my brothers bike ride 4.  Outfit i wore for last minute halloween costume shopping 5. Dely of the day, hot chocolate and large fries at mcdicks with my bro 6. Happy halloween 8. Cutest paw is the current destroyer in my life, too many cute animal pictures, baby paaanndddaaaas 9. Hint of pink with an all black outfit 10. 10&18. Red dwarf X, Cat looking fabulous in an all tartan suit and the face Rimmer pulled that nearly made me die of laughter 12. When i had a full fringe for new years 2011, what should i do with my hair for this new years ? 14. After 3 hours of dance space jam was on followed by 3 hours of the Fresh Prince o Bel air, perfect sunday 15. Thai for 2 with mummy dearest 17. All muddy after a 4 hour bike ride 19. Beanie im dying for 20. My kitty Jess just hanging 21. Knitted cross leggings in new look clearly designed for giants, i only have short legs.

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