Thursday, 22 November 2012

Life through instagram #10

1. Old bus passes, train tickets, employee discount card and bank card from my epic year in Canada that are still lurking in my purse 2. My mug that i didn't put in a blog post 3. Mua nail constellations in libra, i love them so much. 4. Studded hair tie i'm in love with from primark 5. Looking through my Japanese street fashion books that i missed whilst away 6. Shopping and catching up with a few girlies outfi. 7. Can i please be as hot as Cassie in the boys video please 8. Cute flying eyeball print skirt 9. My kitty hiding in a primark bag 10. I'v only just realized how big my forehead is, no suprising my brother kept hitting it with a spoon, i'm suprised you can't see the bump 11. Bombay potatoes reduced to 8p, eer yes please 12. Looking a bung of old magazines. I love my library.

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