Sunday, 4 November 2012

Haolloween through instagram

For halloween i went to see my best guy friend, after a year and 2 months from being away, down at uni in Bournemouth and had a pretty epic few days.

1. Deciding what costumes to wear for Bournemouth round 2 on thursday night 2. Halloween face 3. Giles the most fabulous dancer in Lola Lo thursday night 4. Girl that got really excited because we had the same hair at the old fire station. 5. Peace man 6. Everyone from halloween night 7. Bacon anyone 8. Zombie round 1, the best cocktail ever 9. Photobooth and onsie fun 10. Marco the pedo 11. Dance off with Giles 12. Zombie round 2 13. Green and bacon, yum 14. Several days of hangovers are best spent in onsies 15. Me and George 16. Vanity 17. Vodka lubber 18. Zombie convict, bacon, and the beibs.

Hope everyone else had an awsm time for halloween.

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