Wednesday, 28 November 2012


In attempts to make my hair even more ginger i tried out the new Schwarzkopf live xxl colour in fiery copper. The good thing about them is that they are semi permanent so if it went hideously wrong it would just wash out within a few washes and my hair wouldn't be a horrible ginger mess. Your supposed to dye your hair blonde first for the colour to really make a pop, but i wasn't to keen on the idea cause my hair probably would have fallen out if i'd bleached it. Taking into consideration that i didn't bleach my hair first, i was really impressed with how the colour blended with my natural gingerness and enhanced the colour giving it a more toned look. If you haven't picked up on it yet, this is the first time i dyed my hair since i sprayed the front of it pink one summer when i was about 10. The dye was super easy to use, smelt good and the conditioner that comes with it worked wonders smoothing out my uncontrollable frizzy hair. After using live xxl its given me a huge push to try a permanent colour. I'm really in love with these two colours, especially the mango copper burst. What do you think?? Have you tried the new live xxl colours?? ! x

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

stuff #2

1&9. Simple, minimalist fashion is sometimes the best. 2. Super metallic holographic skirt 3. Lovin this top, not sure who its by 4. Imagine if the moon ever got that big, wow 5. Awsm hair 6. Loving the boots. 7. Yoon at club boy tokyo opening 8. Proenza Schouler a/w 2012

Pictures- Tumblr & TokyoDandy

Saturday, 24 November 2012


 Ever since i posted about the Alexander Wang neoprene jacket and dress and Balanciaga and Junn J, all i can think about is the Balenciaga Egyptofunk collections. Uggh the prints are just so amazing, Miliya Kato is just rocking it like a babe. Luckily i scoured ebay and managed to find a jumper with a copy image on it, but i still need to wait a bit before i can get it, hopefully its soon.

Pictures- Tumblr

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tourne De Transmission

I introduce you to London based brand Tourne de Transmisson who have turned basic street wear, such as jumpers and track pants, into walking pieces of art. The line consists of monochromatic prints of nature that were originally inspired by vintage newspapers and slogans that  together create something unique and represent the relationship between word and image, as stated by the name tourne de transmission that translates into rotating transmission.

A/W 2012 (above) sees basics like t-shirts, shirts and track pants with whimsical images of forest and birds in flight whereas s/s 2013 (below) has introduced tailoring and subtle injects of colour.

I am love love love love love love love looooovvving this brand. The prints are so beautiful and the black and white gives them that real emphasis and shows the detail, just like an old black and white photograph, but still keeping them extremely wearable. My favourites are definitely all the pieces with the cloud prints, especially the track pants, as i personally think clouds are one of the most simplistic beautiful things that exist. I'm also loving the tree print jumper and the knee length shorts. Oh what i would give to be able to put my own touch on these by wearing them with a leather jacket.

Life through instagram #10

1. Old bus passes, train tickets, employee discount card and bank card from my epic year in Canada that are still lurking in my purse 2. My mug that i didn't put in a blog post 3. Mua nail constellations in libra, i love them so much. 4. Studded hair tie i'm in love with from primark 5. Looking through my Japanese street fashion books that i missed whilst away 6. Shopping and catching up with a few girlies outfi. 7. Can i please be as hot as Cassie in the boys video please 8. Cute flying eyeball print skirt 9. My kitty hiding in a primark bag 10. I'v only just realized how big my forehead is, no suprising my brother kept hitting it with a spoon, i'm suprised you can't see the bump 11. Bombay potatoes reduced to 8p, eer yes please 12. Looking a bung of old magazines. I love my library.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New knit and backpack

                                                                             Jumper & Backpack - Primark, Maxi dress- old Primark

When i went shopping the other day i had a clear vision and solid shopping list of what i wanted. I walked into primark and it ticked off everything. First was knitwear. I wanted a new jumper that would inject a bit colour into my winter wardrobe, which is mostly black, and that i could wear with most things i owned. I found it in the form of this turquoise/teal coloured piece. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours, along with black and wearing it just seems to perk me up. I love the attention to detail of the uneven back and front and the slits at the side.

Next on my list was a new back pack. I have a leather and fur one that i got from Aldo whilst i was in Canada and wear with everything, but when im wearing a fur coat its a little bit of a fur overload. I really wanted a leather one and hey presto Primark hit the spot again. Its the perfect size to fit all the stuff i always carry with me along with my 'just in case' items and what ever else dwells in the bottom of my bags. Its also the perfect price of $9 (for some reason i dont have a pound key) for the quality of the leather used, which is really good for primark, it doesn't look or feel cheap and i love the stiching giving it an extra punch. I'm definitely going to be using this lag a latte.

Zara December

I'm absolutely loving the monochrome looks from Zara's December lookbook. Give me a pair of beetlejuice style pants any day. I also love the all black studded leather jacket teamed with an easy T and shiny shimmering sequin skirt look.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Neoprene T

Alexander Wang has recently revealed the new T by Alexander Wang resort 2013 collection and this neoprene bomber jacket paired with the neoprene dress had to be my favourite pieces by far. I love the continuous white line of the zip when the two are paired together and the varsity style of the jacket . I'll admit at first i wasn't to sold on the idea of turning a wetsuit into everyday clothing after wearing them every summer when i was a kid, but after seeing people rocking the Balanciaga neoprene jumpers all over fashion week i'v taken a liking to them, especially with the child like sci-fi images. I also really like Korean designer Junn. J's take on neoprene with modern style geisha images.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

old things come together

So today i went shopping with a few girlfriends that i hadn't seen yet since iv been back home from Canada . I can't explain how excited i was to go to Southampton and hit Primark, even if it was like complete war zone. Seriously blood could have been drawn with the amount of people all looking at the same rack of clothing.
For this lovely little outing i decided to wear a few old pieces that i forgot existed. Like this F+F shearling jacket from 2010 when like many others, i was drooling over the Burberry aviator jackets. I forgot how toasty it kept you and how good it can look simply layered over a t-shirt. I paired it up with these old Levi man shorts and a shawl/poncho hybrid baby that i pass of as a scarf that i got in Matalan about 2 years ago. Its fair to say i was definitely a little bit more than cozy in this outfit whilst wrestling threw the crazy saturday shoppers. I made it out safe though and with a few goodies.

Friday, 16 November 2012


Alexander Wang leather bra s/s 2013,  Sign at the end of my street in Kensington market, Toronto that i used to walk past everyday, it gave that extra boost of optimism, All white from nasty gal November lookbook, From the Margiela x H&M presentation.

Images from Tumblr, Nastgal, Tokyo Dandy

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Life through instagram #9

1.  A beautiful view at the end of a massive bike ride with my brother through titchfield haven to the beach 2&7 Trying on outfits in new look, i really wanted this whole outfit but sadly had no money 3,11,13,16. Pictures from mine and my brothers bike ride 4.  Outfit i wore for last minute halloween costume shopping 5. Dely of the day, hot chocolate and large fries at mcdicks with my bro 6. Happy halloween 8. Cutest paw is the current destroyer in my life, too many cute animal pictures, baby paaanndddaaaas 9. Hint of pink with an all black outfit 10. 10&18. Red dwarf X, Cat looking fabulous in an all tartan suit and the face Rimmer pulled that nearly made me die of laughter 12. When i had a full fringe for new years 2011, what should i do with my hair for this new years ? 14. After 3 hours of dance space jam was on followed by 3 hours of the Fresh Prince o Bel air, perfect sunday 15. Thai for 2 with mummy dearest 17. All muddy after a 4 hour bike ride 19. Beanie im dying for 20. My kitty Jess just hanging 21. Knitted cross leggings in new look clearly designed for giants, i only have short legs.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

nails nails nails

Anyone who knows me knows that i have a slight addiction to nail polish and nail art, almost to the extent where my old roommate was convinced i would die of fume poisoning. However recently i've been lacking in inspiration for any new nail designs or any enthusiasm to do something fancy with my nails, I've just be resorting to standard dark colours or bright pink. In order to get my mojo for nail art back in check i went through a nail art album i forgot i had on facebook and through old instagram pictures and i now present you with some o my favourites from the past 2 years.

1. Galaxy 2. Lightning 3. Glittery Kitties 4. Tribal 5. Stitches, Eyeballs and vampire teeth 6. Dripping slime 7. Monochrome half ' n ' half 8. Pandas 9. Feathers 10. Artsy geometry

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


   Jacket- D.i. y bleach, Dress- Topshop sale

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Kate Moss book

So does anyone else find this as exciting as i do? Can i have this for christmas please santa, preferably with the 4th or 8th cover pretty please, i promise i'll be an extra good girl the rest of the year.

Pictures from tokyodandy

Haolloween through instagram

For halloween i went to see my best guy friend, after a year and 2 months from being away, down at uni in Bournemouth and had a pretty epic few days.

1. Deciding what costumes to wear for Bournemouth round 2 on thursday night 2. Halloween face 3. Giles the most fabulous dancer in Lola Lo thursday night 4. Girl that got really excited because we had the same hair at the old fire station. 5. Peace man 6. Everyone from halloween night 7. Bacon anyone 8. Zombie round 1, the best cocktail ever 9. Photobooth and onsie fun 10. Marco the pedo 11. Dance off with Giles 12. Zombie round 2 13. Green and bacon, yum 14. Several days of hangovers are best spent in onsies 15. Me and George 16. Vanity 17. Vodka lubber 18. Zombie convict, bacon, and the beibs.

Hope everyone else had an awsm time for halloween.