Monday, 22 October 2012

Life though instagram #8


1. Just been dancing for 3 hours, now all dolled up to go into town 2. Rawr dinasaur doodle at Wagamama with a friend 3. 2-4-1 cocktail along with a few pints, zombies and shreks, perfect for catch up with a friend 4. Stuck in on a saturday night watching crumby English tv, not going to lie Rylan cheered me up 5. New Look have a whole collection of creepers, i'm tempted to buy a pair again 6. Special price on vogue, i think it should always be this poor people friendly, please ! 7. Walk through the woods with my little cousin back in Canada 8. My house back in Kensington market, Toronto 9. Quick thrown together outfit for pancakes from Denny's at 1am, featuring my pinks Dr Martins i somehow keep forgetting i have. I'v been home a week and missing Canada so much already.

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