Tuesday, 16 October 2012

3 birds 1 phone


                                        Jacket- H&M, Jumper- Old Primark, Lace Dress- H&M, Boots- an old pair my mum never wore

Whilst i was in Canada i went through a little miss fortune in that i lost my camera which had a whole load of pictures from a big party we threw on it, my ipod died and the crumby replacement mp3 i replaced it with smashed. So it made perfect sense, especially as i'm short on cash to get a new phone which has a good camera, meaning i can stop posting everything as instagram pictures, and loads of memory for music. I found it in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S 11, i  really wanted the S 111 but there was some con where you had to put down a chunk of money down before you even you got a contract and the only difference i could see was that it was the tiniest bit faster and could have a bigger external  memory. Im pretty chuffed with my choice, they tried to get me to get the I-phone 4 S but im still not ready to convert, android all the way for me.

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