Monday, 29 October 2012



This was such a fun and messy process. All you need is 2 nail colours, or as many as you want to splatter, a straw and scissors will be handy. 1. Prepare your base colour 2. Cut a piece of the straw, about 2-3 inches long so its easier to aim. 3. Load polish into one end of the straw 4. Aim relatively close to the nail and blow. Simple as that, but be prepared for misses and for it to spray every where and the inevitable clean up. Have fun.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hair product wishlist

The one thing that really annoys me about my hair is how ridiculously frizzy it gets, no matter how much anti-frizz or smoothing serum i use, especially with the typical english weather it goes crazy. I'm super intrigued by the L'oreal and Garnier moroccan oil and if they can make my hair even a fraction as smooth as Doutzen Kroes ill be happy girl. Then comes one of my all time favourite hair products, salt spray. I'm a big fan of the vo5 surf style salt spray and really want to try the new L'oreal studio one.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Just open your eyes

So iv been back from Canada for 2 weeks now i definitely miss it 100%, but after the massive bike ride me and my brother took today i think its fair to say that i might finally be starting to appreciate the natural beauty that England has to offer just a tiny bit, although honestly with the weather and how the coast looked today it didn't even feel like England. After 19 years and one year away maybe its time to start appreciating where i'm from just that little bit more? As one of my favourite lyrics says `just open your eyes, something beautiful is happening' - Charlie Simpson - Riverbanks. Also props to my brother for a his newborn and soon to grow photography skills, good job lil bro.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Leather, Darby, studds

I'm dying to own this Romwe dress and wear it with the Miss guided Darby boot which is a super budget friendly version of Jeffery Campbell's and Unif hellraisers, and top it off with the Romwe studded cap. Then comes this Romwe white shirt with its bold accent of leather pockets which would look killer on its own or with the Romwe studded collar, a pair of leather shorts, leggings or jeans, and of cause the darby's. I'm drooling thinking of outfit combinations including these pieces.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Monday, 22 October 2012


leather sleeved silk contrast top- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Vest top- New Look, Sheer Shirt- Goldie, Cross knit jumper- New Look, Eyeliner- Topshop, Mesh Collar top- The ragged priest

So halloweens next week and i'm so excited as i'm going to spend it in Bournemouth visiting one of my oldest friends. After spending a year in Canada you would think my imagination for costumes would have become a bit more creative, but no, its still pretty unimaginative. As a kid i would always be a witch, vampire or something along the gothic lines, and this years no different. I plan on primarily using whats in my wardrobe already, so leather shorts, sheer black shirts, leather studded jackets then shredding a pair of tights to death and wearing more eyeliner than i used to during my emo days. I just need to find a studded collar and i'm good to go. I also really have my eye on the new look cross knit jumper to add to my currently very small clothing collection after i threw a bunch of stuff out before i moved away, and i would die to own the 3.1 Phillip Lim top.

Life though instagram #8


1. Just been dancing for 3 hours, now all dolled up to go into town 2. Rawr dinasaur doodle at Wagamama with a friend 3. 2-4-1 cocktail along with a few pints, zombies and shreks, perfect for catch up with a friend 4. Stuck in on a saturday night watching crumby English tv, not going to lie Rylan cheered me up 5. New Look have a whole collection of creepers, i'm tempted to buy a pair again 6. Special price on vogue, i think it should always be this poor people friendly, please ! 7. Walk through the woods with my little cousin back in Canada 8. My house back in Kensington market, Toronto 9. Quick thrown together outfit for pancakes from Denny's at 1am, featuring my pinks Dr Martins i somehow keep forgetting i have. I'v been home a week and missing Canada so much already.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Axel and a pony



                                                                   Coat- H&M- Last a/w, T-Shirt- Kensington Market- Toronto, Skirt- H&M

Heres a quick outfit i put together to go into town after my dance crew practice this morning. Super quick and easy with the help of the sexy Axel Rose. Also as my hairs growing longer again iv started to wear it in a ponytail, especially when i'm dancing allowing me to flip it around without getting it all in my face.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Martin Margiela For H&M

These look so ridiculously comfy. Flash back to the 90's when everyone from the spice girls to break dancers and skaters wore jeans this baggy.

Friday, 19 October 2012



                                                           Shirt- Ralph Lauren, Leather Vest- old TK Maxx, Shorts- Lee jeans

Yesterday i went to catch up with with one of my oldest friends in Portsmouth after being away for so long. For this splendid occasion of Japanese food eating, beer, 2-4-1 cocktails, wine and double vodka red bull drinking i stole my brothers Ralph Lauren shirt then chucked my leather vest over it. What was meant to be a casual bar day spontaneously turned in to clubbing at liquid. Luckily we went back to my friends to get changed so i borrowed a t-shirt, thankfully as i was dancing like a crazy person and had an amazing night.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

3 birds 1 phone


                                        Jacket- H&M, Jumper- Old Primark, Lace Dress- H&M, Boots- an old pair my mum never wore

Whilst i was in Canada i went through a little miss fortune in that i lost my camera which had a whole load of pictures from a big party we threw on it, my ipod died and the crumby replacement mp3 i replaced it with smashed. So it made perfect sense, especially as i'm short on cash to get a new phone which has a good camera, meaning i can stop posting everything as instagram pictures, and loads of memory for music. I found it in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S 11, i  really wanted the S 111 but there was some con where you had to put down a chunk of money down before you even you got a contract and the only difference i could see was that it was the tiniest bit faster and could have a bigger external  memory. Im pretty chuffed with my choice, they tried to get me to get the I-phone 4 S but im still not ready to convert, android all the way for me.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Sportsmax ss 2013



 This is probably my favourite ss 2013 collection. All that white leather with simple but strong silhouettes and details such as the cut out hounds tooth. I'm not normally a hounds tooth fan but this just converted me, along with minimal make-up with emphasis on the eyebrows, drooools. This collections so city sleek but with a laid back feel. I cant wait to hunt down white leather for next summer, in fact i'm going to go hunting for it this winter.


1. Awsm drawing i found on tumblr  2. Asish s/s 2013 jeans  3. I miss the summer but i love autumn and winter sun  4. I love Matt Gubler  5. Just Cavalli s/s 2013 jacket that i really want  6. Never used to think much of her but after listening to her for 3 hours straight in a plane i'm now obsessed with Lana Del Rey  7. I'm definitely a traveler with a huge case of wanderlust and iv been thinking of getting a tattoo of a world map and have decided its 100% going to be my first tattoo.

Steve J and Yoni P f/w 2012


My designer crush of the moment has to be Korean design duo Steve J and Yoni P. I love the mix of leather, prints, sheer materials and the styling of t-shirts with leather skirts and printed sports wear. I want it all please.