Thursday, 26 July 2012

Freak out

Prints, prints, prints, everybodies got to love a crazy print. I did a little bit of shopping the other day, i was desperate for some form of new jeans or pants as i cut all mine into shorts. I wore a quick thrown together outfit of my favourite things at the moment. Low cute white vest top, baggy frayed men's Levi shorts which i bought for $3 in salvation army. These things have become my go to uniform for the last 2 weeks, they're so comfy and you can chuck them on with a t-shirt and boom your off.  I combined them with my leather studded waistcoat which was originally a full jacket until i hacked the arms off, and my bright pink aldo bag. Bit of an 80's meeets 90's grunge combination. As usual when i go shopping i went to straight to H&M and the first thing i see is this denim leopard print and leather sleeve combo jacket. I think i freaked Haley and every one else in the area around me out when i practically screamed with excitement over it. Next comes these insane black and white print jeans, and at $15 they now belong to me, yay. As iv mentioned before i really like the studded shoes that are surfacing everywhere, but everyone seems to be making them now so iv lost a bit of interest. Untill i found these in a shoe store called R2W, the print and studd combination jazzed things up a bit more for me. The other purchase that i made to go along with my jeans is the circle sunglasses, a bolder more in your face take on the John Lennon cricle lenses. I also bought a silver glitter clutch bag marked down from $30-$3, couldnt resist.