Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Inner beauty is beautiful

I received an email the other week from a lovely women called Jackie Clark from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance wondering if it was possible to be a guest blogger on my little blog here. Of cause i was more than happy to have her write an article about how women battling Cancer can still feel beautiful too, as its a bit of personal thing as well. So without any more babbling on i present you with an article on Beauty written by Jackie Clark.

                                                         Inner beauty is beautiful 
                                                                 Jackie Clark    

                                                                                                                                                                  Confidence is defined as firm trust. It could be towards others and important values, or, more importantly, maintaining that firm trust in yourself. More common than not, beauty, is a huge motivator when it comes to being confident. The more beautiful a woman feels the more outgoing and natural they will act. Many things may bring this confidence down. But ladies, do not let them! You are beautiful, and there are ways to let that inner beauty, that every woman has, shine!

The very thought of "beauty,fashion, and the latest trends are what make the world go round", generally decreases any individual's confidence, possibly causing a feeling of inadequacy. Feeling beautiful is what makes every woman's personal world go round. Your own beauty! The media telling us what is and what is not beautiful is not to make it tough to truly feel comfortable in your own skin. Believe it or not, they are ultimately trying to help, and they have the power and great insight to do so!

Along with intimidating fashion trends, other things in life can bring women down to their lowest. Death, illness, and struggles make it hard for women to have the courage to let their true beauty shine. Mesothelioma, for example, is a rare cancer that affects more women than you would think. Like most diseases and illnesses, Mesothelioma treatment takes a great toll on any body. No matter what traumatic event takes place in your life, you are still the same incredible woman you've always been, and she's waiting to be seen!

Any hesitation in your beauty stops now! The fashion world is ready and waiting for you to take hold of their uniquely designed styles. There are styles for every woman, because what makes one woman feel beautiful may not make another. Find yourself in your style! The way you dress directly expresses your confidence! Whether you feel like a more formal or more casual look, you feel the way you want to feel. It’s as simple as the type of shoe you are wearing to alter you entire mood of striking power! A dress or skirt always makes a woman feel like a lady and adds to the sweet beauty that you all have. Colors make a great impression! Whether it’s a certain season, or message you are trying to get across, the color you wear will say it all! Don't forget that pink brings that inner woman and beauty back if you feel you've forgotten where she went.

A simple outfit can change your day right around. Illness? What illness? You can fool everyone and show off that beauty with the perfect outfit to uplift your confidence! Find that firm trust in yourself and hold onto it. The easiest way to never let it go is by making sure you stay comfortable in your own skin so that you can continue to shine! Let your fashion show everyone out there that you are strong, confident, and yet, still as natural as can be. Never forget, the natural you is beautiful!

I really hope this article opens a few peoples eyes, many many thanx to Jackie for writing this. xxx