Monday, 12 December 2011

winter sun through the trees

So the weathers starting to get colder, apparently its actually really warm for this time of year and should already be snowing, so the locals keep telling me. So yeah its colder but the sun still shines likes its the middle of the summer, which is beautiful as i love winter sun, i really need to invest in some sunglasses which is a really bizzare thought because iv never worn sunglasses during the winter before, thats english weather for you. Its my day off from work so i decided to take the dog for a walk. Theres loads of little trails around my block and one just around the corner from my road where the river runs through. Its actually runs through the whole of Oakville and in some parts is starting to freeze over. Its gunna be so pretty when it does. So over all the weather really nice, cant wait for the actually snow, its tried a few times but failed, we've had a few rainy days but i can handle the odd few. Works going good, the day finally arrived when a bag of milk exploded all over the belt and the other day the scanner/computer had a total system fail, but it wasn't just me, the same thing happened to Ross yesterday. My social lifes getting of to a good start, went to a house party in Toronto the other day with Jessie, Kent and Damon from work and with some of Jessies friends, been to a bar a few times with them and on saturday im going to Rachels for a game of christmas beer pong. Lifes pretty sweet at the moment.

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