Thursday, 30 September 2010

panic over

I had a massive panic attack today because i couldnt find my favourite rings. I knew i took them off and put them in a pair of shoes by the front door when i got in from college yesterday. But today i ran round the house nearly having a panic attack because 1. i couldnt remember which pair of shoes i put them in, 2. i couldnt find the pair of shoes i thought i put them in. But its alright, i found the plimsoles i put them in, panic over. Plus i got little carried away with the camera :P .

Sunday, 12 September 2010

before i figured out how to put my slr on self timer

Before i figured out how to to put my slr on self timer i took the pictures the old fashioned way, by taking a picture of yourself in the mirror with your phone, then i got bored and did some pretty paint work.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Daphne Groeneveld


French Vogue september issue
Love the simple combination of the black and white portrait and the contrast of the white rose against the black lace. This portrait has a delicate and lolita feel and the type of picture i would put on my wall. Good thing i have this magazine, so this page is going straight on my wall.

3 2 1, take off !!


When down in the sunny southwest of France and spending the whole month of August there, its essential that you wear clothes that are reasonably sand friendly for most of the week as it consists of spending the night in the bar untill closing, then off to the beach where the drinking antics continue till the late hours of the morning. However the downside to this is that you normally come home with sand logged underwear and it also tends to come to bed with you. But on friday and saturday night, you can glam yourself up a bit as your off to party it up at the next camp site for a hectic night of cheap booze, amazing french songs and the few cheesy ones. On this particular friday night, i chose to wear a cheeky pale pink lace top that cost me all of £5 in primark, with just a flesh tone bra and a pair of hight waisted shorts that cost me £2.50 in a charity shop, teamed with my owl necklace for £2 from primark, £8 asda studded pouch bag and teamed it with a pair of £2 black plimsoles.   The extreme upside to it being a mega cheap outfit? you don't care when a drunken friend or your drunken self spills their cheap beer or wine down you.